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" Tips for Birthday Parties "
A child's first birthday is a moment that must be celebrated. Parents only know how intense the first year of a baby can be. And it's such a joy to think of how much your girl has grown and learnt. It's an unique moment in life. So here are some theme ideas for your girl's first birthday party!   Summer Birthday Themes If your little one has her birthday during summer these themes are perfect! Ice Cream Themed Birthday  One in a Melon Themed Birthday Strawberry Themed Birthday Tutti Frutti Themed Birthday   Flamingo Pool Party Themed Birthday Or, if you are having this birthday party d...
Print me Pretty Shop is now Easy Inviting Bur our love for parties remains the same! We are still the same team, so don't worry! The phone numbers and email contacts are the same. Keep on counting on us  ♥ Ana & Fabio

Cocomelon Birthday Party

Cocomelon is an American YouTube channel famous for it's super cute 3D animated carachters and famous nursery rhymes. And can you believe these adorable faces make the second-most viewed channel in the world? So why not make Cocomelon's your child's birthday theme this year?

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