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Girls First Birthday Theme Ideas

A child's first birthday is a moment that must be celebrated.

Parents only know how intense the first year of a baby can be. And it's such a joy to think of how much your girl has grown and learnt. It's an unique moment in life.

So here are some theme ideas for

your girl's first birthday party!


Summer Birthday Themes

If your little one has her birthday during summer these themes are perfect!

Ice Cream Themed Birthday 

Ice Cream Birthday Invitation - Easy Inviting

One in a Melon Themed Birthday

One in a Melon Birthday Invitation - Easy Inviting

Strawberry Themed Birthday

Strawberry Birthday Invitation - Easy Inviting

Tutti Frutti Themed Birthday

Tutti Frutti Video Invitation - Easy Inviting


Flamingo Pool Party Themed Birthday

Flamingo Birthday Invitation - Easy Inviting

Or, if you are having this birthday party during spring, what about a...

Butterfly Themed Birthday

Butterfly Video Invitation - Easy Inviting

 Bunny Themed Birthday

 Watercolor Bunny First Birthday Invitation for Girls

 Another great themes for a girl's first birthday are rainbows and unicorns!

Unicorn Themed Birthday

Unicorn Video Invitation - Easy Inviting

Watercolor Rainbow Themed Birthday

Watercolor Rainbow Video Invitation - Easy Inviting

Rainbow Themed Birthday

Rainbow Birthday Invitation - Easy Inviting

You can also go minimalistic and throw a...


Rose Gold Birthday

Rose Gold Balloon Birthday Invitation

Boho Rainbow Themed Birthday

Boho Rainbow Birthday Invitation

 If your baby girl is alreay clapping hands to Youtube nursery rhymes, what about a...

Cocomelon themed Birthday

Cocomelon Birthday Invitation for Girls - Easy Inviting


Baby Shark Themed Birthday

Baby Shark Video Invitation for Girls - Easy Inviting

 If your little girls is the one bossing everything around the house (we know they can easily do that) what about a...

Boss Baby Girl Themed Birthday

Boss Baby Birthday Invitation with African American Girl

and we have the new one with Tina, from the second Boss Baby movie.

Boss Baby Birthday Invitation with Tina

 And, if your little girls is the type that loves to learn about letters and colors, I bet she would like a...

Word Party Themed Birthday

Word Party Birthday Invitation for Girls

You can still check some more ideas for your girl's first birthday theme clicking here

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