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How to throw a birthday drive by or birthday parade

Yes, it's a weird time we are living. We all hoped this would end soon, but after so many days in quarantine, we had to create our ways to find joy and still, celebrate life.

If your kid's birthday is near, consider having a virtual birthday party or a birthday drive by. It's a safe manner of children feeling remembered and cared for.

If you are throwing a birthday drive by, here are some tips:

- Make it fast: give the party a narrow time limit, about a half-hour. If you make it too long, your kid can get bored or tired of waiting. Also, it's way more fun if you get to have many cars in line, honking and waving.

- You can still have decor: you can go big and rent giant letters and write your kid's name in front of your house, or you can simply have balloons and a sign, but decorations always set the party mood and children love it.

- Party favors: Delivering party favors to the guests inside their cars are a great way of getting your kid busy and excited. Any favor will do and the job is certaily something they will remember. Just make to sure to keep it safe, remembering the kid to wear gloves and mask.

- Music, of course: wheter you are throwing the party at home or at a park, don't forget to set up some music!

- Virtual invitations: you can easily invite all your guests using social media, email, text messages. No need to get out of the house for that.

We have many Birthday Drive By invitations or Birthday Parade Invitations to offer. You can check it clicking here.

In case you don't find your party theme invitation, send us a message clicking here and we will be happy to create it for you.

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